The Mid Derbyshire Badger Group was formed in 1990 and covers an area of the county stretching from east to west, from Derby in the south to Bakewell in the north. The Groups’s objectives are to encourage the understanding and study of badgers, their environment and habitat, and to promote measures that enhance their welfare and conservation.

Badgers and their setts are protected by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. This legislation was introduced to prevent cruelty to badgers, particularly that associated with badger baiting.

The groups work includes the surveying and recording of badger setts. We advise companies and bodies whose work may affect badgers and their setts to enable them to ensure that they comply with the protective legislation.

Our advice is often sought by those experiencing problems with badgers, usually occasional damage to lawns and gardens.

Regular indoor and field meetings bring members together and keep them in touch with what is happening locally, regionally and nationally. Other fundraising functions and social events are held throughout the year.

We are also actively involved in the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust badger vaccination scheme.