It's estimated that at least 50,000 badgers are killed nationally on our roads every year.  This is such a terrible loss and we are determined to try and do something about it.

We record the location of every badger lost to our roads that we are aware of, and due to this mapping we have been able to identify various hotspots of road deaths in our area.  One of these hotspots is the A61 Bypass between Chesterfield and Sheffield.  It isn't unusual to see up to seven slaughtered badgers along this stretch of road along just a five mile stretch.  This road, which slices through the woods where these creatures live, has become a death trap for them.

Badgers are an integral part of our ecosystem.  Half of our badger population has been lost in the last decade due to culling and road accidents.  We call on local authorities to implement protective measures for these innocent animals.  We demand that fencing be installed along the A61 Sheffield Bypass where it cuts through woodland areas inhabited by badgers.  Additionally, proper warning signs should be put up to alert drivers about their presence.

Here is a link to our petition.  By signing it you are standing up for our local wildlife and helping us ensure that future generations will still have badgers as part of their natural heritage in Derbyshire.